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    Le Potato OS Images – All Linux Operating System Options

    Installing a Le Potato OS image is going to be the first step in any DIY project utilizing this board. Chances are, you will need some flavor of a Linux Operating System. Luckily, the Le Potato has support from many different varieties of Linux, depending on your project’s needs. Linux OS such Ubuntu, Debian, and…

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    DIY: 4 Le Potato Projects to Try Out!

    Let your DIY juices flow with some amazing Le Potato projects! Makers rejoice, because the Le Potato is a single-board computer (SBC) that offers a ton of possibilities for creative and exciting projects. In this article, I’ll be sharing 4 unique and great Le Potato projects that combine the power of SBCs along with some…

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    How to Setup SMB File Share on Windows Super Fast in 10 minutes

    One of the easiest ways to access your media and files over a network is to setup an SMB file share on Windows. With the proper setup, you can access your media files through other devices using the SMB protocol. Windows has SMB file sharing built into its operating system. With a few quick configurations…

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    Easy Kodi SMB Setup for Windows – Fix Operation Not Permitted Error

    An easy Kodi SMB setup guide that will help with connecting to a Windows machine with no user login. Also, easily fix issues with an empty password.

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