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  • 3d printed lithophane lamp 3d printed picture frame featured e1698272877132

    3D Printed Lithophane Lamp: Beautiful Color Photos on the Bambu X1C

    A recent project I undertook was a 3D printed lithophane lamp. For this project, I wasn’t looking for a plain black and white lithophane. No, I wanted one in color that was bright and vibrant. That is where my Bambu Lab X1 Carbon came to the rescue and I was able to created this amazing…

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  • bambu lab x1 carbon petg settings featured e1695867931655

    Bambu Lab X1 Carbon PETG Settings – Get Perfect Prints

    A lot of folks have issues with the default Bambu Lab X1 Carbon PETG settings right out of the box. When I first got my Bambu Lab X1C, I could not print PETG. Not at all. The major issues I was having were no bed adhesion, particles scattered everywhere, stringing, you name it. On the…

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  • non hp chip detected fix featured e1689653560243

    Non HP Chip Detected Fix: Quick & Easy Solution

    Has your HP printer all of a sudden started showing the Non HP Chip Detected error message? HP is continuously pushing new firmware updates to their printers to prevent 3rd party, or off-brand ink cartridges from working. This is forcing folks into using HP’s overpriced, and tiny ink cartridges rather than cheaper alternatives. That is…

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  • ender 3 themal runaway featured e1683247407719

    5 Ways to Fix Ender 3 Pro Thermal Runaway

    Has you ever seen the Ender 3 Pro Thermal Runaway error message? The dreaded ‘THERMAL RUNAWAY: E1 PRINTER HALTED Please Reset’ error message is a problem that haunts a lot of Ender 3 owner’s dreams. Thermal Runaway on an Ender 3 is basically when the hotend is continuously heating up and doesn’t stay within the…

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