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  • le potato home assistant setup featured e1697594666563

    Le Potato Home Assistant Setup: Supervised Step-by-Step Guide

    If you are looking for an affordable solution to home automation, a Le Potato Home Assistant setup may be exactly what you need. The Le Potato is a single-board computer similar to the Raspberry Pi that can run Linux and nearly anything a Raspberry Pi can. A Le Potato board makes for an excellent Home…

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  • davinci resolve media offline but audio plays featured e1693863709917

    DaVinci Resolve Media Offline but Audio Plays? Let’s Fix It!

    Are you experiencing the “DaVinci Resolve media offline but audio plays” issue? Chances are, the videos in your media pool are from a cell phone. No matter what you do, your video just won’t play except for the audio. The reason for this is due to the cell phone’s video encoding, or any other problematic…

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  • non hp chip detected fix featured e1689653560243

    Non HP Chip Detected Fix: Quick & Easy Solution

    Has your HP printer all of a sudden started showing the Non HP Chip Detected error message? HP is continuously pushing new firmware updates to their printers to prevent 3rd party, or off-brand ink cartridges from working. This is forcing folks into using HP’s overpriced, and tiny ink cartridges rather than cheaper alternatives. That is…

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  • le potato power supply featured e1688957380293

    The Perfect Le Potato Power Supply

    Finding the perfect Le Potato power supply is not rocket science, but can be a little tricky if you do not know the exact power needs of your Le Potato board. The Le Potato was designed to be a drop-in-replacement for the Raspberry Pi 3 Model B board. That means the Le Potato shares a…

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  • linux set static ip address featured e1688000262997

    Quick Guide: Linux Set Static IP Address On Command Line Using nmcli

    A common topic most Linux users search for at some point is “Linux Set Static IP.” Having a static IP address is almost mandatory for some applications such as any network IoT device, HTPCs, etc. There are a bunch of benefits to running a static IP address on Linux, and really, any other operating system.…

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  • le potato vs raspberry pi featured e1686201456241

    Le Potato vs Raspberry Pi: Has A New King Been Crowned?

    Looking for a single-board computer and not sure who would win in the Le Potato vs Raspberry Pi comparisons? The Le Potato is meant to be a drop-in-replacement for the Raspberry Pi 3 Model B/B+ boards and comes with a bit more horsepower, to boot. How does the Le Potato stack up against all the…

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  • le potato case featured e1684628217736

    3x Le Potato Case Options – Protect Your Board With Active Cooling

    You have yourself a Le Potato, or are planning to purchase one soon, but are now wondering if you need a Le Potato case. Simply put, the Le Potato should be protected in some manner. For most cases, this would mean using a dedicated Le Potato case. There are some cases where you may not…

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  • forhelp portable monitor featured e1684547464212

    ForHelp Portable Monitor: The Best Portable Monitor For You?

    If you are looking for a good portable monitor that is featured-packed and wallet-friendly, look no further than the ForHelp Portable Monitor. Having a portable monitor with you when you travel or commute can be such a nice luxury. You never have to worry about using your device’s small screens or being unproductive due to…

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  • le potato os images featured e1683167072264

    Le Potato OS Images – All Linux Operating System Options

    Installing a Le Potato OS image is going to be the first step in any DIY project utilizing this board. Chances are, you will need some flavor of a Linux Operating System. Luckily, the Le Potato has support from many different varieties of Linux, depending on your project’s needs. Linux OS such Ubuntu, Debian, and…

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  • le potato accessories featured e1682979666384

    7 Le Potato Accessories to Get the Best Out of Your Board

    The Le Potato is a cool little board that, like the Raspberry Pi, has a ton of specific Le Potato accessories to fit your project’s needs. Not only that, but it makes for an excellent candidate as a Raspberry Pi alternative. The Le Potato has a ton of different use-cases, and with that comes the…

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