ForHelp Portable Monitor: The Best Portable Monitor For You?

A brand new ForHelp Portable Monitor with the package's top lid removed

If you are looking for a good portable monitor that is featured-packed and wallet-friendly, look no further than the ForHelp Portable Monitor. Having a portable monitor with you when you travel or commute can be such a nice luxury. You never have to worry about using your device’s small screens or being unproductive due to not have a second monitor for your laptop.

The ForHelp Portable Monitor is an amazing portable monitor for those on a budget who are just looking for something that works and has a good picture. Its small footprint and light weight make it an ideal travel accessory for anyone looking to work and/or game while away from home. Discover why this budget friendly portable monitor is a must have accessory!

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What is the Purpose of a Portable Monitor?

Every day, technology evolves faster and faster and with that comes the need to be mobile and no longer tethered to our offices and desks. Laptops have become the norm over desktop PCs. Landlines are a thing of the past with mobile phones being in the hands of everyone. Even gaming has started to move towards folks who are on the go, with the Nintendo Switch, Steam Deck, cloud gaming and mobile gaming showing massive popularity.

The problem with being on the move rather than at home is the loss of larger screens, or even multiple screens in some cases. When you are away from home, you have to rely on your device’s screen. In the case of gaming consoles, you have to rely on the tiny built in screen, or you have to find a TV to hook your system up to. That all changes once you start carrying a portable monitor around with you.

You can now always have a second monitor with you for your laptop. Or a larger screen to play your games on. How about an even larger screen to watch your Netflix shows on, instead of your phone’s small screen? A portable monitor is an excellent travel accessory that really doesn’t take up much room inside your bag. If you are in the market, the ForHelp Portable Monitor is a perfect choice for many reasons.

Why Chose a ForHelp Portable Monitor?

What, in my opinion, sets the ForHelp Portable Monitor apart from the rest is its wallet-friendly price, the features it comes with, the size and weight of the monitor, and the overall positive customer reviews it has received. Released at the end of 2022, the ForHelp Portable Monitor comes in two different models. A 15.6 inch 1080p resolution model and a 16 inch 2k resolution model. Both models have HDR and have the same form factor. The 16 inch model features an 11% larger screen and is in 16:10 format, whereas the 15.6 inch model is in 16:9 format.

The ForHelp Portable Monitor has glowing reviews with over 800 individual reviews. In fact, reviews are always the first thing I check when deciding which product I am going to purchase and that was no different when it came to the ForHelp Portable Monitor. In terms of usage, I actually use my monitor all the time, even when I am home. When I am working on my NAS or one of my Le Potato projects, I use this monitor to see the output of those devices without having to unhook my regular PC’s monitor. That way I can use my PC while also configuring or maintaining those device’s operating systems.

I personally use the 15.6 inch ForHelp Portable Monitor because my thought process is that a 1080p vs. a 2k screen at 16 inches or smaller is not too noticeable of a difference. Some folks with vehemently disagree with me, and that is okay. If you’re one of those folks who loves and needs every bit of resolution possible, the 16 inch ForHelp Portable Monitor will be a better fit for you.

15.6 inch 1080p ForHelp Portable Monitor

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16 inch 2k ForHelp Portable Monitor

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ForHelp Portable Monitor Features

The ForHelp Portable Monitor comes packed with features. The monitor itself is sleek and well made. It comes with a smart cover to provide protection and a stand when using it. Not only that, but there are physical buttons on the device for changing or configuring the monitor’s settings. It has 2 USB C ports and a mini HDMI port. The monitor also features dual speakers, one on each side. Additionally there is a headphone jack which is a great feature to include that many new devices seem to forget about. Here is a more detailed breakdown of the features the ForHelp Portable Monitor features.

The ForHelp Portable Monitor Boasts Full HD

The 15.6 inch ForHelp Portable Monitor model has a full HD display with a resolution of 1920 x 1080 (1080p) and is 16:9 format. The 16 inch ForHelp Portable Monitor model has a slightly better screen with a resolution of 2560 x 1600 (2k) and in a 16:10 format. Both models have an IPS display that provides 178 degree viewing angle. This allows for viewing the full colors without any whitening at nearly any front-facing angle. Additionally, both models have features to reduce blue light radiation, prioritize eye health and prevent flickering. The screens provide a very nice and clear picture quality.-

Flexible Compatibility

The ForHelp Portable Monitor takes flexibility to the next level with its 2 USB C ports and 1 mini HDMI port. For many use cases, you can use a single USB C to power your devices. For devices that don’t have USB C, you can use a mini-to-regular HDMI cable to transmit the image and a USB C with a phone power supply to power the monitor. As you might imagine, it is compatible with laptops, Playstation, Xbox, Nintendo Switch, phones and anything else you can image that, at minimum, has an HDMI output port.

Ultra-Slim Design with Portability in Mind

The ForHelp Portable Monitor was designed with portability in mind. It is very slim and lightweight. The outer body of the monitor is made of aluminum. Not only does this make it very attractive, but it is not made of plastic, which is a win in my book! Due to the metallic body, it is very durable and relatively lightweight, coming in at just 1.8 pounds for the 15.6 inch model and 1.77 pounds for the 16 inch model.

The overall thickness of the ForHelp Portable Monitor is about 0.3 inches. This allows the monitor to easily slip into your bags, especially within the laptop compartments; even with a laptop already in place. Additionally, the magnetic smart cover not only protects the monitor when not in use, but doubles as a stand when using it.

Balance Work and Play with the ForHelp Portable Monitor

The ForHelp Portable Monitor offers unique display modes to fit any situation you may find yourself in. Whether you’re in a meeting at work or just enjoying some gaming, this monitor will fit to your needs. It has a copy mode where it will duplicate your laptop’s content as a second screen, allowing you to share your screen with the monitor’s screen. Then there is extension mode, where it becomes an additional screen to act as a dual monitor setup. Finally there is HDR mode which brings in the big guns in and really makes the image pop by upping the image quality.

Smart Cover: A Stand and Extra Protection for the ForHelp Portable Monitor

The ForHelp Portable Monitor comes with a scratch resistant smart cover made of a PU leather exterior. Not only does the smart cover provide good protection for the monitor when closed, but it also doubles as a stand when opened and folded over. The base of the cover has two grooves to position the monitor in which give different viewing angles to find the sweet spot. This allows you to find the perfect viewing angle in different scenarios.

Final Thoughts

If you’re in the market for a portable monitor, the ForHelp Portable Monitor is going to give you the best bang for you buck. It is economically priced and is loaded with great features. The monitor’s small footprint and wight make it an ideal travel accessory on top of everything else. I use mine when I travel and for my DIY projects that involve using computer boards. There are tons of different reasons to have and use a portable monitor. What are yous? Let me know in the comments below, and whether going afar or just commuting to and from work, happy travels.

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