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  • diy filament dry box filament drying box filament storage dry box featured e1711341230858

    DIY Filament Dry Box – The Top Filament Storage Solution

    A DYI filament dry box is an effective way to keep your filament spools fresh, dry and protected. One of the most common banes in 3D printing is having wet filament. Wet filament not only causes filament to become brittle and prone to snapping, but also leads to awful printing issues. If you’ve ever experienced…

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  • arctis 1 wireless battery replacement featured e1707374504713

    SteelSeries Arctis 1 Wireless Battery Replacement Made Simple

    Is your SteelSeries Arctis 1 Wireless Headset is dying after only a few hours of use? If so, it may be time for an Arctis 1 wireless battery replacement. Chances are, your Arctis 1 headset’s original battery is barely clinging to life. For my headset, the original battery was only lasting 2 hours and the…

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  • harbor freight storage containers harbor freight hacks harbor freight parts bins harbor freight storage case featured e1703403326776

    Harbor Freight Storage Containers: 3D Printed Parts Bins

    Harbor Freight storage containers are great. They are affordable and pretty decent quality. The only issue with them is that sometimes the parts bins are a bit too big and they do not sell replacement bins. But what if I told you there was an amazing Harbor Freight hack to get more space for your…

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  • bambu lab storage bambu lab storage box babo system babo featured e1702794138908

    The Ultimate Bambu Lab Storage Box – The BaBo System

    If you’re looking for the ultimate Bambu Lab storage box system, then look no further. With the BaBo system, you can organize all of your tools, hardware and spare parts in one convenient location. BaBo, an abbreviation that stands for Bambu Box, is an all-in-one Bambu Lab organization system designed to not only be extremely…

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  • 3d printed tools 3d printed tool 3d print tools featured e1702705930266

    13+ Handy & Useful 3D Printed Tools You Have to Print

    One of the best ways to utilize a 3D printer is to create your own 3D printed tools. A 3D printed tool has many advantages over traditionally manufactured/store bought tools. For one, the tool can be created in the comfort of your own home. Also, it is dirt cheap to 3D print tools! For some…

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  • commonly used 3d printing hardware 3d printing hardware kits featured e1701493395700

    Commonly Used 3D Printing Hardware for Projects

    What are the most commonly used 3D printing hardware parts for projects? A lot of 3D printed projects require additional hardware and having those parts on hand, be it 3D printing fasteners or otherwise, will ensure your projects go smoothly. It really stinks needing a part and not having it. Then having to order it…

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  • 3d print neon sign 3d printed neon sign 3d printed light featured e1700636911960

    DIY 3D Printed Light: Make Your Own 3D Printed Neon Sign

    Are you looking to make an awesome 3D printed light? How about building a custom made 3D printed neon sign? By utilizing some rope LED strips, creating a 3D printed neon sign shell, and a bit of soldering, you can have your own custom neon sign! Learn how to easily design your own custom 3D…

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  • mtg best mana rocks edh players use featured e1699515211585

    MTG Best Mana Rocks EDH Players Use

    Mana rocks are an important part of Magic the Gathering, and especially in the EDH format. It can be hard to find the best mana rocks MTG has printed throughout the years with so many available to us players. For example, the best mana rocks EDH players typically use are 2 CMC ones, but what…

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  • 3d printed lithophane lamp 3d printed picture frame featured e1698272877132

    3D Printed Lithophane Lamp: Beautiful Color Photos on the Bambu X1C

    A recent project I undertook was a 3D printed lithophane lamp. For this project, I wasn’t looking for a plain black and white lithophane. No, I wanted one in color that was bright and vibrant. That is where my Bambu Lab X1 Carbon came to the rescue and I was able to created this amazing…

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  • le potato home assistant setup featured e1697594666563

    Le Potato Home Assistant Setup: Supervised Step-by-Step Guide

    If you are looking for an affordable solution to home automation, a Le Potato Home Assistant setup may be exactly what you need. The Le Potato is a single-board computer similar to the Raspberry Pi that can run Linux and nearly anything a Raspberry Pi can. A Le Potato board makes for an excellent Home…

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