13+ Handy & Useful 3D Printed Tools You Have to Print

An image with a collage of 3D print tools starting with a 3D printed sanding block, a 3D printed angle finder, a 3D printed soldering mount, a 3D printed too for drill dust collection, and a 3D printed metric ruler. Over the collage is the words 'Handy & Useful 3D Printed Tools' and at the bottom the text '+ A lot more!' is displayed.

One of the best ways to utilize a 3D printer is to create your own 3D printed tools. A 3D printed tool has many advantages over traditionally manufactured/store bought tools. For one, the tool can be created in the comfort of your own home. Also, it is dirt cheap to 3D print tools! For some applications, a 3D printed tool works just as well as a mass produced tool.

Why waste money and time going to the store to buy a tool when you can just 3D print tools that work just as well? In this article, we will be discussing a bunch of different 3D printed tools you can download and make right now! So sit back, fire up the printer and start filling up your toolbox.

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How Good is a 3D Printed Tool?

Depending on its usage, a 3D printed tool can be a versatile and wonderful addition to your toolbox. While any sort of 3D printed tool you make will have its limitations, with the right application, 3D printed tools can save you time and money while adequately preforming its task.

Now, you obviously don’t want to be building a house or tuning an engine with 3D printed tools. But electronics projects or DIY projects? Absolutely! It basically boils down to this, any tool that will be handling a large load or requires quite a bit of torque should probably not be 3D printed.

3D Printed Tools Collection

We live in a world where it is possible to literally create object out of thin air, while in the comfort of our own homes, in our pajamas! Why not use this to our advantage and create some functional tools? No gimmicks, concepts or works in progress, but actual 3D printed tools we can use over and over again.

Be sure to take note of the recommended material to print each tool in. For a lot of these tools, PLA will work just fine, but for some of them, PLA may not be the best choice. Each 3D printed tool will have its own material recommendation. Also, these are tools I have (mostly) printed out and actually used that fit my style and needs. Your style and needs may differ.

3D Print Tools for DIY Electronics

To kick things off, let’s discuss some really helpful 3D printed tools for electronics and electronic DIY projects.

Solder Fingers

The first of the 3D printed tools for electronics is the Solder Fingers 3D printed tool. Shown in the photo are two red wires sitting in the solder fingers, twisted together and ready to accept solder to splice them.

The first 3D printed tool are these hands-free solder fingers. As shown in the photo, these are used to assist with splicing wires by twisting them together and placing each wire in the corresponding finger.

I have used this so many times, it’s not even funny. My soldering skills are questionable at best, and this contraption really helps me out.

I printed my solder finger tool in PLA and have not had any issues with it. Truth be told, it may be better to print this in PETG or ABS. However, as long as the wires don’t heat up too much, PLA should be fine.

Solder Fingers 3D Printed Tool DownloadCreatorFilament
Solder Fingers DownloadMisterTechPLA/PETG

Solder Spool Reel

The second of the 3D print tools for electronics is the Solder Spool Reel 3D printed tool. Shown in the photo is a solder spool connected to the Solder Spool Reel.

A solder spool reel is a really simple, yet effective 3D printed tool. There is really nothing fancy here. The spool sits in the reel and the reel spins when the solder is tugged on.

One thing I noticed right away was the tendency for the reel to slide across the table when tugging on the solder. So pro-tip, to combat that, add a couple rubber feet to the bottom to give it a little grip.

For printing the solder spool reel, any material will work just fine. I printed mine out in black PLA and have had no issues whatsoever.

Solder Spool Reel 3D Printed Tool DownloadCreatorFilament
Solder Spool Reel DownloadCramiPLA

JST Tweezers

The next set of 3D printed tools are actually a pair of 3D print tools. Shown in the photo is a pair of JST tweezers to assist with safely remove a JST connector.

The next couple of 3D printed tools are in regards to JST Connectors found on circuit boards (PCBs). The first set of tools are a pair of small JST tweezers. These are great for detaching really small JST connectors.

I actually use these on my Bambu Lab X1 Carbon to swap out hotends/nozzles. There is a straight par and a pair with the ends angled at 45 degrees to help reach awkwardly placed JST connectors.

This is one of the few prints that would greatly benefit being printed in PLA due to the rigidness and stiffness of PLA. The pair shown in the photo are printed in black PLA.

JST Tweezers 3D Printed Tool Pair DownloadCreatorFilament
Straight JST TweezerschizPLA
Angled JST TweezerschizPLA

JST Pliers

The fourth entry in the 3D printed tools list is JST Pliers 3D printed tool. Shown in the photo is the pliers, assembled, to assist with safely removing JST connectors.

To compliment the JST tweezers, these JST pliers are another means for dealing with JST connectors. These pliers are suited for larger JST connectors, unlike the pair of tweezers.

This 3D printed tool does require a small bit of superglue for assembling it. With that being said, the assembly process is extremely easy and straightforward.

Feel free to use whatever material you’d like with these JST pliers. They are big enough where flexible materials, such as PETG, will not effect its functionality. Mine were printed in PLA.

JST Pliers 3D Printed Tool DownloadCreatorFilament
JST Pliers DonwloadmoebisPLA

Great 3D Printed Tools for Measuring & Centering

The next collection of tools are going to be focused on measuring and centering. The first pair of tools to go over are a pair of fillet gauges:

Rounded Corner Gauge (Fillet Gauge)

A really handy pair of 3D printed tools are both a metric and imperial fillet gauge. Shown in the photo are both of these gauges printed in white PLA with black PLA for the numbers.

I am pretty sure it is a law, somewhere, that anytime 3D printed tools are talked about, a rounded corner gauge MUST be brought up. Therefore, in order to comply with National-International-Galactic-Universal law, I present both a metric & an imperial fillet gauge.

These are simple tools that let you measure the radius of a rounded corner. Slap this tool on a rounded corner and see which measurement fits best for the radius you’re measuring.

Print these in whatever filaments you’d like. Go all out and get a bit fancy with yourself! Print this duo in two different colors to make the numbers pop like I have done!

Rounded Corner (Fillet) Gauge 3D Printed Tool DownloadCreatorFilament
Metric Fillet Gauge DownloadTnaTmrPLA
Imperial Fillet Gauge DownloadTnaTmrPLA

Metric Ruler

One of the most handy 3D printed tools for Americans is a metric ruler. Shown in the photo is a metric ruler printed in black and white PETG.

This 3D printed tool is aimed more towards to my fellow Americans. I would assume most folks who are on the metric system already own metric rulers. But if not, here you go!

I printed this because I needed to measure a piece of wood to get precise millimeter and centimeter measurements for a project. I figured it would be a one-and-done kind of deal.

As it turned out, I’ve ended up using this way more than I thought! This ruler has become such an essential tool in my collection. I printed mine in PETG so it was a little flexible, but PLA should work fine. For the best results, print it in two colors so the numbers and indicators are more visible.

Metric Ruler 3D Printed Tool DownloadCreatorFilament
Metric Ruler DownloadRaQicPLA

Angle Finder

This angle finder shown is a very beneficial 3D printed tool. All parts are printed and the face of the angle finder has indicators for measuring an object's angle.

Next up is a nifty protractor-like-tool to assist with finding angles. There is a dial that rotates and the face of the angle finder has indicators for figuring out an object’s angle.

The face and the dial’s thickness act as lips for placing an object between them for taking its measurement. On the outside of the face are also 30, 45, 60 and 90 degree angles for simple angle measurements as well.

I initially printed this as is and it turned out just okay. I kind of thought it would be more useful if it were bigger. So I ended up scaling the model by 150% and it came out great! If you’re going to print this tool out, I’d highly recommend you also scale it and print it larger.

Angle Finder 3D Printed Tool DownloadCreatorFilament
Rotating Angle Finder DownloadPhDGoSlowAncientPLA

Center Finder

Shown in the photo is another measuring and centering 3D printed tool. It is a square/circle center finder jig. It has been printed in black PLA.

If you need to find the center of a square, rectangle or circle, this center finding tool will be of use to you. It may be difficult to see in the photo, but through the center of this tool is a slit to allow you to mark a line.

For finding the center of a circle, just plot the object in the center finder and use the slit to draw a line. Rotate the circle a bit and draw another. Where the lines intersect is the center!

For finding the center of a square or rectangle, you basically do the same thing. Except position one of the object’s corners in the jig and mark the line. Then place a different corner in and mark it as well. The intersection is the center. This is one of those tools that you probably won’t use very often. But when you need it, you’ll be glad to have it sitting around. I printed mine in black PLA. I did need to use a brim, just FYI.

Center Finder 3D Printed Tool DownloadCreatorFilament
Square/Circle Center Finder DownloadMarius HornbergerPLA

Misc. 3D Printed Tools

Here we will go over all of the 3D printed tools that aren’t related to electronics, measuring or centering. I guess you could say these are the one-offs or ‘uncategorized’ 3D printed tools. The first of these random 3D print tools is a pretty sweet dust collector for drilling through drywall.

Drilling Dust Collector

Shown in the photo is a 3D printed tool used for collecting dust when using a drill. There is a hole for the drill bit to fit through and below it, a triangle cup to catch falling debris the drill will make.

The first ‘uncategorized’ 3D printed tool is drilling dust collector. This is such a simple design, yet so incredibly handy. Ever tried drilling into drywall to hang a picture?

If so, you are well aware of the mess it makes by sprinkling fine-particle dust on the floor. Well, this dust collector will trap all of that debris in the triangle cup!

There are also some intersecting lines to use as makeshift leveling guidelines. The only negative I have to say about this tool is the drill bit hole may be a bit too small for some applications. But scaling the model up a bit should solve that problem.

Drilling Dust Collector 3D Printed Tool Set DownloadCreatorFilament
Drill Dust Collector DownloadthomasisthecoolestPLA

General Purpose Tweezers

The next entry in the 3D printed tools list is actually a collection of 6 3D print tools. Shown in the photo is a set of tweezers with varying tips on them.

I really debated putting these tweezers on this 3D print tools list. Half of them are pretty worthless, while the other three are serviceable, at best.

The three tweezers with the fine tips are not good. I would recommend not even printing them out, to be honest. Don’t get me wrong, the models themselves are fantastic. I just think these are limited by being plastic, rather than metal.

There is just too much give and bend in them to be able to grasp anything. As for the other three, they are pretty ‘bendy’ as well, but not nearly as much as the others. They do serve a purpose though. These thicker-tipped ones are good for working with electronics since they are not metal.

These are going to best if printed in PLA. You want these to be as stiff as possible. PETG is completely out of the running, as it is far too flexible for this application.

Tweezers 3D Printed Tool Set DownloadCreatorFilament
General Tweezers Downloaddjedje_zr7PLA

Sanding Block

The next entry in the 3D printed tools list is actually a 3D printed tool for sanding. Shown in the photo is a mini sanding block printed in PLA, utilizing a couple M3 bolts and some sand paper.

A sanding block is incredibly helpful for finishing your projects and giving them a real professional look. You can use this sanding block to give all of your wooden, metal or even plastic parts a super clean finish.

I actually used this sanding block on my Custom Made Neon Sign which has a wooden frame that needed some proper finishing. This block has some really nice rounded edges to it to help with sanding odd angles and rounded corners too!

This is another print that can be printed using whatever material you fancy. I went the ole boring black PLA route and am very happy with this tool. Go hog-wild with whatever material you want!

Sanding Block 3D Printed Tool DownloadCreatorFilament
Sanding Block DownloadJustIgnorantPLA

Long Reach Forceps

Another one of the best 3D printed tools list is this pair of long reach forceps. Shown in the photo is a pair of these forceps printed in grey ABS.

Long reach forceps are one of the best 3D print tools to make. I actually used these when I built a computer. They helped with plugging in the case’s cables because I forgot to do that until the end. Oops.

These are pretty much what you see is what you get. Any material should work fine for the forceps. I printed mine in (mostly) ABS and then ran out and had to print the separate tip piece in PLA. It works really well.

Long Reach Forceps 3D Printed Tool DownloadCreatorFilament
Long Reach Forceps DownloadHoppendPLA

Heat Set Threaded Insert Press 3D Printed Tool

Heat set threaded inserts are very useful for your 3D printed projects. In fact, a lot of models you will find will require heat set threaded inserts to attach parts together. Here is a nifty mod to a Dremel Workstation Press to make inserting these threaded inserts a breeze.

If you don’t have a Dremel Workstation Press, there are a few other presses you can build. I have not built these myself, but at the end of the day, a press is a press that just needs to press down. Check out The Jo Presser and The Stealth Press.

Dremel Workstation Soldering Iron Adapter

One of my favorite 3D printed tools is this Dremel Workstation adapter to create a quick and easy DIY heat set threaded insert press.

If you have yourself a TS101 soldering iron, this is the perfect 3D printed tool for you to use for heat set inserts. Even if you don’t have a TS101, this may still work.

I have a TS100 and it doesn’t fit in this adapter perfectly. However, I am still able to clamp the iron in and use this press without issue.

This 3D print tool is actually a remix based off of APuckNut‘s fantastic Hakko FX888 Adapter for the Dremel Workstation. Give one of these a try if you’re looking for a quick and cheap press for inserting heat set threaded inserts!

I would recommend printing this in a non-PLA material unless your iron doesn’t get warm at the clamping point. For reference, I printed mine in ABS, just to be safe.

Dremel Workstation Soldering Iron Adapter 3D Printed Tool DownloadCreatorFilament
Soldering Iron Adapter DownloadDavid MarinPETG/ABS

Bonus: 3D Printed Tools Waiting to be Made

There are quite a few 3D printed tools I have not gotten around to printing yet and are waiting to be made. As they are made, if they end up being useful, they will be added, in full, to this extensive list! These are the tools I have my eye on currently:

Final Thoughts

I hope you enjoyed this article and found a couple of really cool 3D print tools! While these are really awesome 3D printed tools, this is obviously not a complete list. In fact, I am finding more and more neat 3D printed tools all the time! All that being said, this is an ever growing list and will be periodically updated.

Feel free to drop some of your favorite 3D printed tools in the comments! What has worked out well for you? What 3D printed tools do you use the most? Be sure to connect with us and stay up-to-date on Printables, MakerWorld, and Twitter! Thanks for sticking to the end. Happy printing!

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