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  • diy filament dry box filament drying box filament storage dry box featured e1711341230858

    DIY Filament Dry Box – The Top Filament Storage Solution

    A DYI filament dry box is an effective way to keep your filament spools fresh, dry and protected. One of the most common banes in 3D printing is having wet filament. Wet filament not only causes filament to become brittle and prone to snapping, but also leads to awful printing issues. If you’ve ever experienced…

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  • commonly used 3d printing hardware 3d printing hardware kits featured e1701493395700

    Commonly Used 3D Printing Hardware for Projects

    What are the most commonly used 3D printing hardware parts for projects? A lot of 3D printed projects require additional hardware and having those parts on hand, be it 3D printing fasteners or otherwise, will ensure your projects go smoothly. It really stinks needing a part and not having it. Then having to order it…

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  • ender 3 themal runaway featured e1683247407719

    5 Ways to Fix Ender 3 Pro Thermal Runaway

    Has you ever seen the Ender 3 Pro Thermal Runaway error message? The dreaded ‘THERMAL RUNAWAY: E1 PRINTER HALTED Please Reset’ error message is a problem that haunts a lot of Ender 3 owner’s dreams. Thermal Runaway on an Ender 3 is basically when the hotend is continuously heating up and doesn’t stay within the…

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  • ender 3 bed size featured e1683234451177

    What is the Ender 3 Bed Size? Can You Make It Bigger?

    A lot of people ask the question, what is the Ender 3 bed size? This is an important question to ask because the bed size is directly related to how big you can print your 3D models. Once you know your printer’s print bed size, you can ensure your prints will fit properly. The Ender…

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  • octoprint plugins featured e1682040020650

    10 of the Best OctoPrint Plugins You Need to Install

    Installing the best OctoPrint plugins available will up your 3D printing game to the maximum. OctoPrint, and more specifically plugins, will unlock the true abilities of your machine that are not possible running stock. The best part of this is that all of these plugins can be downloaded and installed for free, directly through the…

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  • best printer featured e1681259521337

    What is the Best 3D Printer for Beginners in 2024?

    When I first started getting into 3D printing, I asked myself, what is the best 3D printer for beginners? After deciding to take the plunge and get into 3D printing as a hobby, I started researching 3D printers. I wanted a 3D printer that was not very expensive and one that was able to produce…

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  • octoprint featured e1679983236312

    Le Potato OctoPrint Setup on Ender 3: A Great Raspberry Pi Alternative

    Many people are interested in having OctoPrint setup on Ender 3 printers or other models while using a Raspberry Pi alternative. The Raspberry Pi has been extremely hard to get, especially at retail price so that is where the Le Potato comes in. Having a Le Potato OctoPrint setup is just as easy as having…

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  • ender 3 upgrades featured e1680328582843

    The Best Ender 3 Upgrades: Both Free and Purchased!

    The best Ender 3 upgrades are a combination of both free and purchased upgrades. The best ones are not necessarily purchased upgrades. Yes, there are a ton of neat upgrades you can purchase to make your Ender 3 even better. But there are also a fair amount of upgrades you can just download and print…

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  • ender 3 vs ender 3 pro

    Ender 3 vs Ender 3 Pro: Which One is the Best for You?

    Wondering what the differences are between an Ender 3 and an Ender 3 Pro? This detailed Ender 3 vs Ender 3 Pro guide has you covered.

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