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  • le potato home assistant setup featured e1697594666563

    Le Potato Home Assistant Setup: Supervised Step-by-Step Guide

    If you are looking for an affordable solution to home automation, a Le Potato Home Assistant setup may be exactly what you need. The Le Potato is a single-board computer similar to the Raspberry Pi that can run Linux and nearly anything a Raspberry Pi can. A Le Potato board makes for an excellent Home…

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  • batocera le potato batocera download featured e1688504103653

    Batocera Le Potato Project: DIY Retro Gaming Console

    Creating yourself a Batocera Le Potato retro gaming console is both fun and easy to do. Batocera is a great piece of software that runs on my single-board computers, like the Le Potato, that makes retro gaming a breeze. With just a few project parts, you can be enjoying some awesome retro gaming in no…

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  • linux set static ip address featured e1688000262997

    Quick Guide: Linux Set Static IP Address On Command Line Using nmcli

    A common topic most Linux users search for at some point is “Linux Set Static IP.” Having a static IP address is almost mandatory for some applications such as any network IoT device, HTPCs, etc. There are a bunch of benefits to running a static IP address on Linux, and really, any other operating system.…

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  • emuelec download emuelec sd card emuelec le potato featured e1685938843404

    EmuELEC Le Potato Project: Full Setup with EmuELEC Download!

    Are you wanting to play some retro games, but unsure of where to get an EmuELEC download file or how to prepare an EmuELEC SD card? Utilizing the affordable, yet powerful Le Potato board, you can be retro gaming in no time. Experience the nostalgic feeling of playing the games from your childhood on your…

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  • install openhab featured e1684986201192

    How to Install openHAB on Le Potato – Home Automation Made Easy

    Are you wondering how to install openHAB on a Le Potato? Home automation has really taken off in popularity the past few years. And there are no signs of it slowing down in the future. In fact, home automation will become even more a part of our daily lives as technology keeps advancing and evolving.…

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  • le potato os images featured e1683167072264

    Le Potato OS Images – All Linux Operating System Options

    Installing a Le Potato OS image is going to be the first step in any DIY project utilizing this board. Chances are, you will need some flavor of a Linux Operating System. Luckily, the Le Potato has support from many different varieties of Linux, depending on your project’s needs. Linux OS such Ubuntu, Debian, and…

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  • le potato featured e1682373829869

    DIY: 4 Le Potato Projects to Try Out!

    Let your DIY juices flow with some amazing Le Potato projects! Makers rejoice, because the Le Potato is a single-board computer (SBC) that offers a ton of possibilities for creative and exciting projects. In this article, I’ll be sharing 4 unique and great Le Potato projects that combine the power of SBCs along with some…

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  • command line featured e1679828016817

    3 Minute Guide: Set Up WiFi on Ubuntu Server or Linux Using the Command Line

    A simple guide to set up WiFi on Ubuntu Server using the command line. Easily connect to a regular WiFi network and a hidden WiFi network.

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  • octoprint featured e1679983236312

    Le Potato OctoPrint Setup on Ender 3: A Great Raspberry Pi Alternative

    Many people are interested in having OctoPrint setup on Ender 3 printers or other models while using a Raspberry Pi alternative. The Raspberry Pi has been extremely hard to get, especially at retail price so that is where the Le Potato comes in. Having a Le Potato OctoPrint setup is just as easy as having…

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