55+ MTG Tri Lands – The Complete MTG 3 Color Lands Guide

A small collection of MTG tri lands. These are 4 of the tri lands MTG printed in the colors of Jund. Cards shown are Murmuring Bosk,, Savage Lands, Darigaaz's Caldera and Ziatora's Proving Ground

MTG tri lands are a blessing when it comes to mana fixing. Luckily for us, there are a whole bunch of tri lands MTG has printed throughout the years. If you running a deck with 3 or more colors, utilizing the 3 color lands MTG has to offer may prove beneficial to you. Finding and using the right tri color lands will make your decks function like a well oiled machine! If you’re looking for a guide and a complete list of all the MTG tri lands? Then look no further.

This MTG Tri Lands Guide will provide you with every single tri land MTG has printed (so far). Each and every cycle of lands, including some one-off tri lands that are unique, will be analyzed and present in this guide. Find the perfect tri lands for your decks and make all of those color fixing issues a thing of the past. Let’s jump right in with fetchable vs. non-fetchable MTG tri lands!

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Fetchable vs. Non-Fetchable MTG Tri Lands

There are two primary types of tri lands. Fetchabale ones and non-fetchable ones. Unfortunately, most of the tri lands MTG has printed are going to fall in the latter category. In fact, there are only 11 fetchable tri lands MTG has printed throughout the years. One fetchable tri land per three color combination and an additional unique tri land that falls under the Abzan umbrella (Abzan is one of the MTG color combination names if you’re not familiar with them).

Fetchable MTG Tri Lands: These lands have 3 basic types associated to them. This means that these tri lands can be fetched using a fetch land, or any other card that lets you search your library for a land card that has a specific basic type.

Non-Fetchable MTG Tri Lands: The vast majority of MTG’s 3 color lands will be non-fetchable as they only have the type of ‘Land’ without any sub types. This means that you cannot search for these lands unless you have a card that lets you find any land or a card of any type, such as Vampiric Tutor.

List of All MTG Tri Lands

Here are all of the tri color lands MTG has to offer at this point in time. There are not a lot of 3 color lands in general, but that is especially true for enemy tri color lands. There are only two complete cycles of 3 color lands that span the entire 10 different color combinations. That means there are only two enemy tri color lands per color combination, aside from two unique cards for Mardu and Abzan.

All Fetchable Tri Lands MTG Has Printed

All of the MTG 3 color lands that are fetchable will be included here. As of right now, there is only one full cycle of 10 tri color lands MTG has printed and 1 unique/special 3 color land.


A few of the triome/tricycle MTG tri lands. Cards shown are Ketria Triome, Raffine's Tower and Indatha Triome
Ketria Triome, Raffine’s Tower & Indatha Triome

As mentioned above, there is a full cycle of 3 color lands that are fetchable. These cards are often referred to as ‘Triomes’ or ‘Tricycles.’ They all enter the battlefield tapped and can add 1 of any of its 3 colors to your mana pool when you tap it. Additionally, each one also has the Cycling ability to pay 3 generic and discard it to draw a card. While that is a pretty expensive Cycling cost, if you are flooded and need to draw a card, it can be a life saver. These are hands down the best tri color lands MTG has ever printed. Beware, they are a little pricey as well.

Spara’s HeadquartersForest, Plains, IslandBant
Raffine’s TowerPlains, Island, SwampEsper
Xander’s LoungeIsland, Swamp, MountainGrixis
Ziatora’s Proving GroundSwamp, Mountain, ForestJund
Jetmir’s GardenMountain, Forest, PlainsNaya
Savai TriomeMountain, Plains, SwampMardu
Indatha TriomePlains, Swamp, ForestAbzan
Zagoth TriomeSwamp, Forest, IslandSultai
Ketria TriomeForest, Island, MountainTemur
Raugrin TriomeIsland, Mountain, PlainsJeskai
MTG Tri Lands: Triomes/Tricycles

Unique/Special 3 Color Lands

Of all the MTG tri lands with fetchable types, Murmuring Bosk is a standalone, unique one. The card Murmuring Bosk is shown here

As of right now, there is only a single fetchable unique 3 color land. It is a Treefolk Abzan tri color land named Murmuring Bosk. Honestly, this is one of my favorite cards to play in any deck that runs a bunch of green ramp spells with white/black/green.

Especially if those green ramp spells let you grab a forest card and not just a basic land card! In fact, this card is awesome in budget decks. I have it in my five color budget Planeswalker deck and it is such a great inclusion.

  • Murmuring Bosk – Forest type
    • As it enters the battlefield, reveal a Treefolk from your hand or it enters tapped
    • Tap to add 1 green
    • Tap to add 1 white or 1 black – it deals 1 damage to you

All Non-Fetchable MTG Tri Lands

All of the tri color lands MTG has printed will reside here. The vast majority of 3 color lands will fall in this category.

Regular Tri Lands

A few of the regular MTG tri lands. Cards shown are Arcane Sanctum, Savage Lands and Frontier Bivouac
Arcane Sanctum, Savage Lands & Frontier Bivouac

This is the second, and last, full cycle of tri color lands MTG has made. These are simply called Tri Lands; easy enough. Unlike the previous cycle, these do not have basic land types and also do not have the Cycling ability. These are pretty much what you see is what you get. They all enter the battlefield tapped and can add 1 mana of any of its 3 colors when tapped for mana.

Seaside CitadelForest, Plains, IslandBant
Arcane SanctumPlains, Island, SwampEsper
Crumbling NecropolisIsland, Swamp, MountainGrixis
Savage LandsSwamp, Mountain, ForestJund
Jungle ShrineMountain, Forest, PlainsNaya
Nomad OutpostMountain, Plains, SwampMardu
Sandsteppe CitadelPlains, Swamp, ForestAbzan
Opulent PalaceSwamp, Forest, IslandSultai
Frontier BivouacForest, Island, MountainTemur
Mystic MonasteryIsland, Mountain, PlainsJeskai
MTG Tri Lands: Regular Tri Lands

Lair 3 Color Lands

A few of the lair MTG tri lands. Cards shown are Darigaaz's Caldera, Treva's Ruins and Dromar's Cavern
Darigaaz’s Caldera, Treva’s Ruins & Dromar’s Cavern

This half-cycle of tri color lands MTG created is referred to as the ‘Lair Tri Lands.’ This cycle currently only encompasses the ally 3 color combinations. These lands all function the same except for what colors they can tap for. Whenever one of these enters the battlefield, sacrifice it unless you return a non-Lair land you control to its owner’s hand. Interestingly, these do not enter tapped! Then its mana ability is to tap it to add 1 of any of its 3 colors to your mana pool.

Treva’s RuinsForest, Plains, IslandBant
Dromar’s CavernPlains, Island, SwampEsper
Crosis’s CatacombsIsland, Swamp, MountainGrixis
Darigaaz’s CalderaSwamp, Mountain, ForestJund
Rith’s GroveMountain, Forest, PlainsNaya
MTG Tri Lands: Lair 3 Color Lands

Invasion Tri Lands

A few of the Invasion MTG tri lands. Cards shown are Sulfur Vent, Irrigation Ditch and Tinder Farm
Sulfur Vent, Irrigation Ditch & Tinder Farm

Another half-cycle of tri color lands MTG printed are the ‘Invasion Tri Lands.’ A trend that you’ll start noticing, these are also only printed in the ally 3 color combinations. This half cycle of cards all function exactly the same, minus what mana they produce. They each enter the battlefield tapped and can tap for a given primary color with no downsides.

Additionally each one can be tapped and sacrificed to add 1 of each non-primary color to your mana pool. These are okay 3 color lands if you are just splashing a color or two and not relying heavily on the 2 other sacrifice colors outside of the primary colors these lands tap for.

CardPrimary ColorSac ColorsAssociation
Irrigation DitchPlainsForest & IslandBant
Ancient SpringIslandPlains & SwampEsper
Sulfur VentSwampIsland & MountainGrixis
Geothermal CreviceMountainSwamp & ForestJund
Tinder FarmForestMountain & PlainsNaya
MTG Tri Lands: Invasion Tri Lands

Homeland 3 Color Lands

A few of the Homeland MTG tri lands. Cards shown are Wizards' School, Aysen Abbey and Koskun Keep
Wizards’ School, Aysen Abbey & Koskun Keep

Yet again, we have a half completed cycle of tri color lands MTG created way back in Homelands. As you may have guessed, these 3 color lands are named ‘Homeland Tri Lands’, for obvious reasons. As per usual, this half cycle is only printed in the ally 3 color combinations.

Like the previous cycles before it, all 5 cards function the same, except for the mana they produce. Each one can tap for colorless or you can pay 1 generic to tap it and add its primary color. The last ability allows you to pay 2 generic to tap it and add 1 of its alternative colors within its 3 color combination.

These 3 color lands are probably the weakest of the bunch. However, if you somehow have a way to generate infinite colorless mana and can keep untapping one of these lands, I could see how they may be beneficial. But that is a such tall order to fulfill and there are other, more efficient ways, of doing that.

CardPrimary ColorAlternate ColorsAssociation
Aysen AbbeyPlainsForest & IslandBant
Wizards’ SchoolIslandPlains & SwampEsper
Castle SengirSwampIsland & MountainGrixis
Koskun KeepMountainSwamp & ForestJund
An-Hava TownshipForestMountain & PlainsNaya
MTG Tri Lands: Homeland 3 Color Lands

Unique/Special Tri Lands

The 2 unique non-fetchable MTG tri lands. Cards shown are Tournament Grounds and Crypt of Eternals
Tournament Grounds & Crypt of the Eternals

The following list is all of the non-fetchable tri color lands MTG has created that are unique and/or special. So far, there are only two non-fetchable unique and different 3 color lands. A Mardu Knights tri color land and a generic Grixis filter land. I am not really a fan of the Grixis one, but the Mardu Knight 3 color land is pretty good if you’re playing a knights/equipment deck in red/white/black.

  • Crypt of the Eternals
    • Gain 1 life when it enters the battlefield
    • Tap to add 1 colorless
    • Tap and pay 1 generic to add either blue, black or red
  • Tournament Grounds
    • Tap to add 1 colorless
    • Tap to add 1 red, 1 white or 1 black – only use this on Knight or Equipment spells

Bonus Round: MTG Tri Lands That Can Fetch

So, I am not going to lie to you, these are straight up NOT tri lands. But, they are lands that allow you to color fix within your desired 3 colors by fetching basics. So they semi-count… right? Check out this nifty Fetch Lands guide if you’re looking for other types of fetches to include in your decks. Anyway, as with nearly every other cycle, these are only half-cycles and only in ally colors. Go figure, huh?

Modern Horizon 3 Landscape Fetch Tri Lands

With the release of Modern Horizons 3 comes an entire full cycle of new tri color fetch lands. All of these lands are the exact same, they enter the battlefield untapped and can add 1 colorless. Additionally, you can tap and sacrifice them to grab any basic land specific to its association. Each card can also be cycled by paying 3 total mana – one of each of its associated types.

CardLands it can findAssociation
Contaminated LandscapePlains, Island & SwampEsper
Seething LandscapeIsland, Swamp & MountainGrixis
Twisted LandscapeSwamp, Mountain & ForestJund
Sheltering LandscapeMountain, Forest & PlainsNaya
Tranquil LandscapeForest, Plains & IslandBant
Shattered LandscapeMountain, Plains & SwampMardu
Bountiful LandscapeForest, Island & MountainTemur
Deceptive LandscapePlains, Swamp & ForestAbzan
Perilous LandscapeIsland, Mountain & PlainsJeskai
Foreboding LandscapeSwamp, Forest & IslandSultai
MTG Fetch Lands: Modern Horizons 3 Landscape Tri Lands

New Capenna Location Lands

A few of the New Capenna Location MTG tri lands that can fetch. Cards shown are Obscura Storefront, Cabaretti Courtyard and Riveteers Overlook
Obscura Storefront, Cabaretti Courtyard & Riveteers Overlook

This half-cycle of ‘tri lands’ are referred to as the New Capenna Location Lands. Each one represents an ally 3 color combination and upon entering the battlefield, sacrifices itself to search for any 1 basic land of its association. The found basic enters tapped. You also gain 1 life.

CardBasics to GrabAssociation
Brokers HideoutForest, Plains, IslandBant
Obscura StorefrontPlains, Island, SwampEsper
Maestros TheaterIsland, Swamp, MountainGrixis
Riveteers OverlookSwamp, Mountain, ForestJund
Cabaretti CourtyardMountain, Forest, PlainsNaya
MTG Tri Lands: New Capenna Location Lands

Shards of Alara Panorama Lands

A few of the Shards of Alara Panorama MTG tri lands that can fetch. Cards shown are Esper Panorama, Grixis Panorama and Jund Panorama
Esper Panorama, Grixis Panorama & Jund Panorama

Another half-cycle set of tri color lands MTG created that can fetch are the Shards of Alara Panoramic lands, or simply referred to as the Panoramic Lands. Same as the New Capenna Location Lands, these have only been printed in the ally colors. Each one of these can tap to add 1 colorless mana to your mana pool, or tap, pay 1 generic and sacrifice it to search your library for any 1 basic land within its 3 color combination. The searched basic will enter the battlefield tapped.

CardBasics to GrabAssociation
Bant PanoramaForest, Plains, IslandBant
Esper PanoramaPlains, Island, SwampEsper
Grixis PanoramaIsland, Swamp, MountainGrixis
Jund PanoramaSwamp, Mountain, ForestJund
Naya PanoramaMountain, Forest, PlainsNaya
MTG Tri Lands: Shards of Alara Panorama Lands

Wrap Up

I hope this MTG 3 color lands guide was some help to you. I find that I regularly use the Ikoria/New Capenna fetchable tri color lands and the non-fetchable 3 color lands in my decks. Ironically, those two sets of tri color lands MTG has printed are the only ones that are the full 10-card cycle. My hope is that Wizards creates/prints more 3 color lands in the future. Especially in the 5 enemy colors. Those are sorely lacking at the moment. But who knows, a year from now we may have a new whole cycle or enemy-focused half-cycle of tri color lands! Thanks for reading and happy deck building!

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