The Best Planechase Sleeves! MTG Oversized Sleeves & Top Loaders Reviewed!

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Are you in need of some Planechase sleeves? It can be difficult finding MTG oversized sleeves nowadays since Wizards has really cut back on printing oversized cards. Oversized cards used to come in every Commander precon, but that is no longer the case. But, with the set of Commander precons in March of the Machine, each of those decks comes with 10 Planechase cards!

Finding MTG oversized sleeves can be a little tricky. There used to be a lot of different options, but a lot of those sleeves got discontinued and are no longer for sale. Luckily, I found some great oversized/Planechase sleeves and top loaders that are readily available. This article will review those products with photos and up close images to see how well they work. Tag along as we dig in.

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MTG Oversized Sleeves & Cards

Wizards of the Coast has printed many oversized cards throughout the years. Usually these are just larger version of regular cards. But occasionally there will be special oversized cards such as the three dungeon cards from Adventures in the Forgotten Realms, the Initiative card from Battle for Baldur’s Gate, and Planechase cards.

Every time a new precon was made and sold, it used to come with the front-facing Commander as an oversized card (along with the normal, legal version). This was such a neat inclusion in my opinion. For the most part, however, those days are gone. For the past few years, every new precon no longer comes with an accompanying oversized card.

As a special treatment, however, Wizards will occasionally print Planechase cards in Commander Precons. Take the Planechase cards in the March of the Machine precons and the Doctor Who precons, for example! With this trend, I expect reprinted (and new) Planechase cards at least once a year moving forward.

What is a Planechase Card Size?

A common question a lot of folks ask is, what is a Planechase card size? Well, a Planechase card, or oversized MTG, card is essentially two cards laying sideways, put together. A regular MTG card is 2.5 inches wide and 3.5 inches tall. Therefore, a Planechase card size is exactly 3.5 inches X 5 inches. In millimeters, that is 89 mm X 127 mm.

Given these measurements, obviously regular card sleeves would not work, but larger card sleeves would. That is where companies such as Ultra Pro, BCW, Ultimate Guard, etc. created specific MTG oversized sleeves to accommodate these larger cards. Unfortunately, a lot of those products seem to have been discontinued as there is no where to buy them online.

It may be worth checking your local LGS to see if they have some still in stock. But, if you’re still in need, luckily BCW still seems to be making these products as I found MTG oversized sleeves and top loaders that work perfectly!

BCW’s MTG Oversized Sleeves – Perfect for Planechase Sleeves

As mentioned previously, this where BCW comes in. I found and purchased their Double Size sleeves that measure 89mm X 127mm and my Planechase cards fit perfectly. Additionally, I found and purchased a set of their 3.5in X 5in top loaders which fit the Planechase sleeves together perfectly. Here is a photo of the each and then an individual top loader and single oversized sleeve.

MTG oversized sleeves and top loaders. Showing all sleeves and top loaders and then showing a single top loader and a single sleeve to act as my Planechase sleeves.

I was so glad to have finally found these oversized/Planechase sleeves. I can rest assured that these cards will be protected and stay in good condition. To illustrate, here is a photo of the Planechase sleeves in action. Since these are clear sleeves, it is a little difficult to see so I added some arrows to help.

card sleeve article image 1

As you can tell, the Planechase card fits perfectly inside the oversized sleeve. If you are looking for another additional layer of protection, you could add a top loader to the mix as well. While I don’t personally feel the need to have my Planechase sleeves in a top loader, I do for my AFR Dungeon room oversized cards.

Either way, rest assured that these MTG oversized sleeves work great with the BCW top loaders as well. I included a photo with a zoomed-in view of the card within the oversized sleeve, inside of a top loader so you can see the spacing and dimensions up close.

A top loader and an MTG oversized sleeve, zoomed in to show the spacing of everything. A perfect Planechase sleeves solution

Where to get Planechase Sleeves & Top Loaders?

Both the BCW oversized/Planechase sleeves and the BCW top loaders can be found on Amazon. These two items really are well made and will provide tons of protection to your oversized MTG cards, or any other oversize card for that matter. If you are looking for sleeves, you get 50 oversized sleeves per package with BCW’s Double Size Sleeves. For top loaders, you get 25 individual ones per pack.

BCW Oversized Sleeves (89mm X 127mm)

See Price on Amazon

BCW 3.5in X 5in Top Loaders

See Price on Amazon

Non-BCW Planechase Sleeves

I have received a few emails about BCW’s MTG Oversized sleeves being out of stock. Here are a few alternatives. Please be aware, I have not personally tried or tested these, but going by their reviews, they seem like solid choices. I’d recommend reading through the reviews yourself to see if any of these are a good fit for you.

The Ultra Pro oversized sleeves measure 89mm X 127mm. The other two brand’s oversized sleeves come in at 88mm X 125mm. From the reviews, it sounds like the Mayday Game and Sleeve King oversized sleeves are made for a game called ‘Tiny Epic Kingdom’ and are a snug fit for oversized MTG cards. Just like a perfect fit inner sleeve for regular sized cards.

Ultra Pro’s MTG Oversized Sleeves

See Price on Amazon

Mayday Game’s Planechase Sleeves

See Price on Amazon

Sleeve King’s Oversized MTG Sleeves

See Price on Amazon

An MTG Oversized Card Deckbox?

If you’re looking for a dedicated deckbox for all of your Planechase and/or oversized MTG cards, you have a few options. As a self-proclaimed ‘maker’, of course the first option I want to highlight is to make your own. Or rather, 3D print your own! The second option is to just purchase one. Well, I have both of those options covered for ya.

3D Printed Oversized Deckbox

Once you have acquired you Planechase sleeves, you will need a deckbox to hold them all. Shown in the photo is a sparkly blue 3D printed deckbox for oversized MTG sleeves. The deckbox is open showing a few cards sitting inside it and once card outside of it, leaned up against the top half of the deckbox.

See 3D Printed MTG Projects to download the free 3D model and print your own!

Planechase Deckbox *

Ultra Pro Oversized Deckbox

See Price on Amazon

* This deckbox has a compartment that creates the three separate sections. One section for a notepad in the back and two sections for the regular Ultra Pro deckboxes in the front. Don’t worry, that compartment is removable. Once removed, this deckbox just so happens to fit sleeved up Planechase/oversized cards perfectly!

Final Thoughts

Even though it seems like Wizards of the Coast are no longer printing as many oversized cards these days, the March of the Machine Commander precons proves that occasionally, we will still see this special card type treatment. When new oversized cards are released, you will want to make sure they are protected as well as your regular cards.

This is where BCW’s oversized/Planechase sleeves and top loaders come in handy. Not only does each provide protection, but the sleeves perfectly fit the cards and the sleeved cards perfectly fits the top loaders! What is your favorite oversized card? Let me know in the comments.

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